MA: 93 Fast 14 Project

93 Fast 14 Project
Medford, MA

MassDOT replaced 14 severely deteriorated bridges in just 10 weekends along an eight-lane stretch of highway in Medford that carries 200,000 vehicles per day. A typical project of this size would have taken four years, but MassDOT engineers and staff set out to replace all of these bridges, a total $98 million project, in a matter of weeks. A goal was set to replace each bridge in 55 hours. MassDOT and its contractor delivered each bridge ahead of that schedule. By working with a design-build approach, the entire project came in two weeks ahead of schedule and, thanks to the focus on weekend work, without impact to rush-hour traffic. This project caught the attention of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who called it “an exciting demonstration of American innovation… America is ready, willing, and able to dream big and build big.”

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