MA: Wellesley Heavy Lift Rapid Bridge Replacement Project

Wellesley Heavy Lift Rapid Bridge Replacement Project
Wellesley, MA

MassDOT provided vital infrastructure improvements while saving drivers time and money thanks to an accelerated bridge replacement technique it continues to perfect.
In 2011, MassDOT replaced an aging 79-year-old bridge in Wellesley, which stretches over a busy stretch of Route 9. The replacement took just 62 hours without impacting the steady flow of traffic. By using the same heavy lift bridge replacement technique as the Phillipston Heavy Lift Bridge project, a top 10 contender in the 2011 America’s Transportation Award competition, MassDOT completed this $3.7 million project more than two days faster than the Phillipston project, to become the state’s fastest bridge replacement yet.


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