MN: Highway 169 Triangle Project

Highway 169 Triangle Project
Intersection of Highway 169, County Road 81, Highway 169, County Road 109. Brooklyn Park, MN

Minnesota DOT’s $50 million project tackled an intersection known not-so-fondly as the “Devil’s Triangle” in order to cut down on traffic crashes and the costs and congestion associated with them.

The three intersections of Highway 169 and County Road 81, Highway 169 and County Road 109, and County Road 81 and County Road 109 all formed a large triangle of chaos for drivers. The Highway 169/County Road 81 intersection was one of the most heavily traveled in the state and ranked sixth in the state’s Top 200 High Crash Cost Intersections list. In order to curb this, MnDOT constructed a diamond interchange, added additional lanes, and constructed ramps to allow for more efficient access to these roadways. MnDOT credits its strong partnerships and close collaboration with various organizations for its success.


MN: Highway 169 Triangle Project

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