ND: Landslide Repair Project on ND Highway 22

Landslide Repair Project on ND Highway 22
Highway 22 just north of Killdeer, ND

The North Dakota Department of Transportation literally moved a small mountain and relocated a state highway to restore a vital connection for the oil and energy industry weeks ahead of schedule.

Two landslides hit Highway 22, damaging the roadway and leaving motorists with up to a 50-mile detour. NDDOT and construction crews worked six days a week from sun up to sundown in order to minimize inconvenience to the traveling public on the $2 million project that included the removal of 600,000 cubic yards of dirt.

The highway was rebuilt six weeks ahead of schedule, which allowed for NDDOT to add two inches of paved surface instead of just having a gravel surface until spring came. With the early project delivery, NDDOT expects a savings of approximately $2.5 million in additional user costs.


ND: Landslide Repair Project on ND Highway 22

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