VA: I-81 Pavement Recycling Project

I-81 Pavement Recycling Project
I-81 in Staunton, VA

Virginia Department of Transportation’s groundbreaking $9.75 million I-81 Pavement Recycling Project used innovative pavement recycling methods to rehabilitate a 3.7 mile span of heavily-traveled interstate.

VDOT employed full-depth reclamation, cold central-plant recycling and cold in-place recycling—three different pavement recycling processes. This was the first time this had been done on a single rehabilitation project on the nation’s interstate system. The process saved taxpayers millions of dollars while reducing construction time by two-thirds. The pavement recycling process allowed VDOT to better address the causes of deep deterioration within a structure rather than only the symptoms. The agency also used web communications and on-road messages several hundred miles away. VDOT is working on developing construction standards for the cold recycling process so that others may also be able to use it.


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