Pennsylvania Department of Transportation—I-95 and Adams Avenue Connector

Pennsylvania DOT is improving safety, capacity, and operations of I-95 in Philadelphia and the surrounding city street system through a series of individual projects.

The first project upgraded and extended Adams Avenue to provide connection to the interchange and Aramingo Avenue from the Frankford and Juniata neighborhoods. The Adams Avenue extension was originally slated to be completed more than 25 years ago, but it was a part project that was halted in the 1990s, significantly delaying the implementation of this much needed connection. The second project reconstructed the at-grade highway ramps and completed connections from the community to the Betsy Ross Bridge interchange and I-95. The improved geometry increased capacity and safety for the interchange. The extension of Adams Avenue to Aramingo Avenue created a much needed connection between neighborhoods and provided direct access for those neighborhoods to I-95 and the Betsy Ross Bridge.

This project demonstrates the power of innovation through creativity, flexibility, collaboration, and community involvement. PennDOT began with a project that was essentially a high interchange reconstruction, and worked with local stakeholders to incorporate multi-modal, safety, and connectivity improvements to support a renewed urban vision and improved livability for the surrounding neighborhoods and commercial centers.