Pennsylvania Department of Transportation — PennDOT Connects — Connecting Communities

Started via a policy initiative issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Secretary Leslie Richards in 2016, PennDOT Connects works with the community, metropolitan planning organizations or MPOs, and local governments to make sure the community needs are met during every part of a transportation project’s planning process. One example of this collaboration in action is the nearly $1 million I-676 Bridges Replacement Project. Completed in 2018, this project aimed to replace seven bridges in poor condition, while boosting pedestrian and driver safety. Working closely with the MPO in center city Philadelphia, PennDOT replaced the bridges – including two pedestrian bridges – and added “green space” as well to two of the city’s parks. Additional elements included lawn spaces, benches, and trees to enhance that green; resulting in a lush gathering place for the community, whether for special events or to just spend time with loved ones – all while keeping the community as safe as possible.