South Carolina Department of Transportation—Pedestrian Bridge at South Carolina State University

Traffic along Chestnut Street (U.S. 21) in Orangeburg increased sharply over the past few years. That in turn created a safety issue for more than 1,000 students who live in apartment complexes across the five-lane highway that runs through South Carolina State University. A student was severely injured at the crossing in 2010, followed a few years later by a pedestrian fatality.

To keep students and all pedestrian traffic safe, South Carolina DOT completed a $5.2 million pedestrian bridge that spans 93-feet to carry foot traffic between the campus and student lodging. South Carolina DOT was also working on a tight deadline—the department made a commitment to SC State to finish the project in time for the start of the 2017 football season. In the end, South Carolina DOT delivered a well-traveled bridge that ensures the safety of university students and all other pedestrians crossing across Chestnut Street.