South Dakota Department of Transportation: Singing Bridge Emergency Closure and Repair

South Dakota DOT quickly repaired a vital connection for a small community, increasing safety yet avoiding weeks or months of lengthy detours with its $420,000 Singing Bridge Emergency Closure and Repair project.

On Feb. 20, 2021, the agency identified damage on the S.D. Highway 1806 Singing Bridge near Mobridge, resulting in an emergency bridge closure. This 4,002-foot bridge, with average daily traffic of 806 vehicles, is a vital link between Mobridge and the communities of Wakpala and Kenel on the Standing Rock Reservation. The closure time needed to repair the bridge proved of great concern to the traveling public – especially those living and working in the Wakpala, Kenel, and Ft. Yates areas. Without the bridge, the traveling public faced with an 89-mile detour.

The South Dakota DOT team’s quick response and amazing teamwork across regions and divisions allowed for the fast completion of temporary repairs and the bridge to reopen within days.