South Dakota Department of Transportation – Valley Springs Port of Entry and Rest Area

The South Dakota Rest Area Revitalization Plan identified improvements for the Valley Springs Port of Entry and Rest Area, located on the eastern border of the state on Interstate 90, as a priority. Thus, the state implemented a $14.7 million reconstruction of the welcome center, port of entry, as well as a new commercial vehicle inspection building – an effort that included innovative technology, an improved traveler experience, as well as time and cost savings of commercial freight vehicles. The South Dakota Department of Transportation worked in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to install “e-screening” systems east of the port on the Minnesota side of the border. Those e-screening systems check truck brakes, tires, registration, fuel tax status, and weigh the moving vehicle before reaching the physical facilities of the port. The ability to pre-screen commercial vehicles allows 95 percent of the trucks in good standing to forgo stopping the port. The value of the time-savings gained from bypassing the port equates to approximately $2.50 per minute based on freight delays and staff support. The new port of entry allows operators who are registered in the program to save substantial time and money which in turn is then passed on to the consumers.