South Dakota Department of Transportation -Veteran’s Parkway-North Corridor

Veteran’s Parkway is the culmination of a long-awaited connection between the east side of Sioux Falls with the Interstate 90 east-west thoroughfare. This $121.7 million project created a much-needed arterial for one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Originally built in a standard diamond shape, this interchange – which handles average daily traffic of over 6,000 vehicles – was replaced with a signal-controlled, single-point urban interchange with dual left turn lanes for all directions. The project – which will prepare the area for an expected average daily traffic of more than 35,000 vehicles by 2035 – reconstructed a rural two-lane road into a six-lane divided highway with limited access, including two new railroad grade separations, from I-90 to Rice Street in Sioux Falls. The project also included the construction of five new bridges. The project prepares Sioux Falls for key public and private infrastructure investments and allows the community to prepare for future growth – all while providing better connections around the area, keeping pedestrians and drivers safe, and providing better overall access.