UT: I-15 Corridor Expansion (I-15 CORE)

Utah County

The $1.725 billion project by Utah Department of Transportation used innovative scheduling and planning techniques to complete the highway expansion project two years ahead of schedule while saving taxpayers $260 million. The expanded roadway relieves congestion for motorists that travel to and from Salt Lake City and Provo.By using accelerated bridge construction, wireless paving and grading, and diverging diamond interchanges, the impact to traffic was reduced for the over 130,000 motorists that travel through the I-15 CORE every day. UDOT and partner PRC established an extensive communications plan to keep the public fully informed at all times during construction through social media, a website, and weekly TV and radio segments. This project used every option to inform the community while saving taxpayer money and reducing delays.


One thought on “UT: I-15 Corridor Expansion (I-15 CORE)

  1. Fantastic project, and they dont even mention the 40 year concrete pavement design that was mostly an overlay of existing old asphalt pavement. This resulted in a very efficient design that reduced the cost and provided major sustainability advantages.

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