Utah Department of Transportation—Utah Connected Vehicle Smart Transit Signal Priority Project

UDOT’s vision to “Keep Utah Moving” includes strategic goals to optimize mobility and achieve zero crashes, injuries and fatalities.  One way to meet these goals is through connected vehicle (CV) technology, which will increase safety and mobility for individuals across the state (and country), while also improving air quality and quality of life. The $1 million Utah Smart Transit Signal Priority project uses CV technology to enable conditional priority of transit vehicles at traffic signals, with the objective to improve the reliability of bus service while optimizing the use of available green time.

Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) radios to allow interactive communication between UTA buses and traffic signals. In this project, DSRC radios have been installed at 30 intersections along Redwood Road, from 400 South to 8020 South. When the buses are behind schedule, the signal grants available additional green time to the bus so it can get back on schedule. This deployment is one of the first, if not the very first, DSRC system in regular operation in the United States.  To date, transit reliability on this corridor for bus route #217 has improved by 12 percent, while overall late bus arrivals have been reduced by 40 percent—all good news for commuters!