Virginia Department of Transportation—I-64 Widening Project

Residents in Newport News, Virginia, had been griping about traffic for some time, as they could never reliably predict how long it would take to get home from work or to their kid’s baseball game. Additionally, local officials reported difficulty bringing in new businesses, as the transportation infrastructure in the area was clearly problematic. Then-Governor Terry McAuliffe described I-64 as “gridlock, a parking lot.”

To combat this congestion issue on I-64, Virginia DOT constructed a new travel lane and shoulder in the existing median along 5.6 miles of the interstate. VDOT also used asphalt with HP binder, which delays cracking and provides a smoother ride for drivers well into the future. Today, drivers no longer have to worry about getting stuck on the “parking lot” that was I-64 before the $122.6 million widening project and can predictably get to their destinations on time.