Virginia Department of Transportation—I-95 NB Lane Reassignment Project

Richmond, Virginia, motorists were often frustrated at poor traffic flow, especially at the merge from the I-64 eastbound/I-195 northbound ramp onto I-95 north. At this ramp junction, I-95 north consists of three travel lanes but the ramp is a single lane with a relatively short acceleration area, resulting in major congestion and safety concerns at peak hours.

This problem was fixed by transitioning I-95 north from three travel lanes to two immediately after the prior exit ramp, a $360,000 project. This provides the area necessary to transition the ramp from a short acceleration lane to a free flow condition, and adding the third lane of I-95 back at the ramp terminal. Traffic now flows much smoother than before, which in turn makes all drivers safer along this stretch of very busy roadway.