West Virginia Department of Transportation—Statewide ADA Multi-Year Curb Ramp Improvement and Inventory Collection Program

West Virginia DOT prioritized access and mobility with its $8.4 million Statewide ADA Multi-Year Curb Ramp Improvement and Inventory Collection Program. WVDOT is committed to providing access to all of its citizens, regardless of their mode of travel, and knew it had to update its active transportation infrastructure to do that. But this wouldn’t be easy—WVDOT is responsible for over 39,000 miles of roadway and 17,500 curb ramps.  The state’s topography posed some unique challenges, too. As the Mountain State, West Virginia has steep grades along its right of way.  This presents accessibility challenges to its citizens and visitors. Knowing there was a lot of work to be done, WVDOT improved efficiency and reduced costs by 33 percent in curb ramp installation (cutting the cost from about $9,000 per curb ramp to $6,000 per curb ramp), allowing more to get done. The program has successfully inventoried 17,500 curb ramps throughout the state and work is continuing to make communities safer and easier to navigate for all.