Wisconsin Department of Transportation — Eau Claire Half Moon Lake Bridge Replacement

When the narrow bridge at the entrance of Carson Park presented a substantial safety concern for the city of Eau Claire, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation knew it had a challenge to address. Year-round activity on the bridge included driving, biking, walking, jogging, kayaking, and fishing – everyone was using the same space. The solution: a $2.9 million replacement of the bridge with a design that could accommodate all the various daily activities simultaneously occurring in the park. The new design now provides bicyclists with designated lanes to ride in, anglers are Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant and accessible, pedestrians don’t need to walk alongside live traffic and are much safer, and a structurally sound passageway provides safety for drivers going into Carson Park. The new bridge meets the various transportation needs while also serving as a recreational resource for the city – putting their safety as the top priority.