Wisconsin Department of Transportation—US 35/53 at Exit 3

US 35/53 at Exit 3 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, was one of two WisDOT ‘stringless paving’ pilot projects in 2017. For WisDOT, ‘stringless paving’ represents a step forward in its use of Civil three-dimensional or 3D surface models in combination with GPS technologies to support Automated Machine Control or AMC grading and stringless paving techniques. These techniques not only save time, but also enhance worker safety by reducing staff exposure to heavy machinery and traffic. AMC grading techniques reduce the number of passes needed for achieving desired grade – saving time and fuel while optimizing amount of base course and concrete. Stringless paving methods produce high quality pavements, smooth ride and saves time, all of which benefits the traveling public. Use of mobile technology improves inspection quality and accuracy while reducing time needed for data collection/entry.

This $16.4 million pilot project was so successful that WisDOT expanded the use of those technologies during the 2018 construction season, which will allow many other drivers to experience the benefits they provide: a smoother ride and less time with detours.