Wisconsin Department of Transportation— WIS 116 Bridge

Originally built in 1934, the WIS 116 Bridge in the Village of Winneconne had become functionally obsolete, fraught with increasing operational issues and maintenance repairs. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) prioritized this project, as the next closest crossing for the public was about 10 miles downstream and almost 20 miles upstream—a huge inconvenience for drivers. The new $11.4 million high-level fixed girder bridge (replacing the previous lift bridge) was able to better accommodate vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians, and snowmobiles while also providing adequate (and easier) passage for boat traffic underneath, minimizing the impact to the travelers on the bridge. By utilizing new alignment and allowing the existing bridge to remain in use during construction, commuters didn’t have to deal with a 30-minute detour and the local economy continued to thrive with the continuation of normal traffic. The new bridge also included two new fishing platforms, allowing recreational fishing (important to the local community) to continue to thrive in a unique setting not seen anywhere else within the state.