Texas Department of Transportation – Lyndon B. Johnson Expressway

Texas Department of Transportation’s $2.7 billion project increased safety, mobility and relieved congestion along this 13-mile corridor improving regional mobility through the use of managed lanes. The project added continuous frontage roads and bypass lanes to move traffic east-west without stopping at major intersections; and improved connectivity to the Dallas North Tollway and I-35 E. Through new technology, people can now pay a toll that guarantees a 50 mph speed limit along the managed lanes. To save money and time officials erected construction facilities to fabricate bridge components nearby and partnered with various investors. Once completed, the LBJ Expressway has attracted economic growth and redevelopment.

3 thoughts on “Texas Department of Transportation – Lyndon B. Johnson Expressway

  1. I give it five years before they have to double it again. All I can say is invest in concrete and asphalt, because no one around here wants to invest in anything that really addresses transportation for future, just roll out more of the past. Heaven help you if you want to walk from Hillcrest Plaza to the Galleria.

  2. I do not know whether they considered different roundabouts (elliptical, circular, or combined) designs with separate eyebrows for right turns.The saving would have been great and easy traffic maneuvering in all directions.

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