North Carolina Department of Transportation – Piedmont Railcar Refurbishment Program

North Carolina Department of Transportation $4.4 million program allowed officials to purchase 1960’s era rail cars and rebuild them to modern standards. The cars were re-designed to have uniform appearance and function, streamline mechanical servicing, training and inventory. They were rebuilt with new safety systems, insulation, seats, plumbing, electrical wiring and finish panels, including HVAC systems and odorless toilets which include components from local manufacturers. The refurbishing process takes less time than ordering a new car, and at half the cost it extends service life by 30 years. The program has grown the fleet to eight locomotives, 16 passenger coaches, and five baggage/lounge cars in over 20 years. Riders last year took 450,000 trips and 90% of them rated the service satisfactorily.

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